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4th of July Attire


4th of July Attire

Every summer people look forward to 4th of July. It’s the perfect holiday to barbeque, crack open a beer, spend time with family, and watch fireworks. No summer is complete without a 4th of July celebration and no celebration is complete without the perfect outfit. Unfortunately, some people take this holiday as their one opportunity (besides Halloween) to dress like Uncle Sam or the American flag. I am here to save you from this fashion faux paus and offer you an outfit alternative that is both stylish and festive.

Outfit #1

4th of July Dress #2 4th of July Shoes4th of July Dress

Outfit #2

4th of July Red Shoes 4th of July White Jeans 4th of July Shirt for Pants

Outfit #3

4th of July Espadrilles 4th of July White Dress

Outfit #4

4th of July Converse 4th of July Shirt 4th of July Shorts

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