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4 Ways to Never Pay Full Price

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4 Ways to Never Pay Full Price

I’m Maddy, or as my friends call me “Cheap Ass.” This might have something to do with my champion-level frugality, or perhaps it’s because I run a lifestyle blog called Urban Cheap Ass.

I learned very early on that “influencer” is synonymous with “person who gets a lot of stuff for free.” But not everyone can be an influencer, and furthermore, not everyone wants to be an influencer. There’s a lot of reward, but a lot of work that goes into claiming those rewards.

But some of the best deals are for the people who do their research, not the people who work the hardest. And I’m going to make your job even easier. Here are some of the top posts from Urban Cheap Ass, which also represent multiple ways to make sure you never pay full price on anything from life’s necessities, to entertainment.

Save Money on Travel

Of my group of friends, I was one of the first to pioneer Groupon’s Getaway travel packages. In multiple instances, I’ve brokered international flights, ground transportation, hotels, meals, and tours for less than $1,000/trip. I’ve used Groupon Getaways to explore Peru, China, and Ireland on a budget with plenty of money leftover for indulgence and souvenirs!

Read about my experience >>

Save Money Online Shopping

The best online deals occur when stacking multiple deals on top of each other. My online shopping article on Urban Cheap Ass shares the finer details, but here’s my basic process:

  • Use a credit card (responsibly!) to get reward points (and for purchase protection)
  • Find coupon codes for the retailer using a site like RetailMeNot
  • Get cashback with a browser add on like Honey or Ebates
  • Compare pricing on Amazon
  • Bonus points: buy a discounted gift card on Raise

You might scoff and say that sounds like a lot of effort, but I’m taking that effort all the way to the bank $$$

Save Money on Books and Cable

I’m nerdy enough to take the time to find the best price for books (they can get expensive!) and wrote a pretty comprehensive guide on the subject. But since I know most people enjoy their entertainment via a screen of some sort, I also wrote a guide for different ways to get around paying for cable.

Save Money on Your Birthday

Everyone deserves to have an awesome day on their birthday. After all, it’s the only day of the year that’s all about you. The guide to collecting freebies on your birthday on my blog is mostly centered around Chicago, but there are several chains featured that will make your birthday awesome no matter where you’re celebrating.

A few more quick hits:

Urban Cheap Ass aims to help all young urbanites make the most of what they have. And following my advice luckily means sacrificing nothing.

What do you do to make sure that you never have to pay full price? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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