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5 Editing & Filter Apps For Enhancing iPhone Photos

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5 Editing & Filter Apps For Enhancing iPhone Photos

If you have any amount of trendy or artsy friends on Facebook or Twitter you probably see a good amount of mobile uploads which feature pictures with rugged edges and crazy colored filters using a filter app. These urban-looking effects are due to the magic of photo editing/taking apps. The most popular one right now is Hipstamatic, and many more are starting to pop up and gain recognition. Here are my top 5 iPhone photo apps.








Hipstamatic – snaps photos that look like they were taken with an analog camera. ($1.99 at app store)








Phototreats – let’s you add pre-made filters to any photo taken on your iPhone. (free at app store)











Instagram – another app which let’s you add beautiful filters to enhance your photos. (free at app store)











PhotoWizard – this app has it all, it let’s you edit your photos right on the app itself, and also offers pre-made filters as well. ($0.99 at the app store)









CameraBag – this app is very simple to use and has classic camera effects like a fun Polaroid border effect. ($1.99 at app store)

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