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7 Top Lessons to Help Every Small Business Reach Milestones

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7 Top Lessons to Help Every Small Business Reach Milestones

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses make up 99.7% of U.S. employer firms. They also report that only around one-third of all businesses started survive to the 10-year mark. There is a lot that goes into making it to that milestone, so that one’s business can outlast any challenges that come their way. Knowing those top lessons can help others not only survive, but to thrive.

“Being an entrepreneur certainly has its set of challenges,” explains Cher Murphy, owner of Cher Murphy PR. “But if you are able to grow and hold onto what is important, you can weather the storm. You have to focus on the positives and stick to a set of principles that guide you through your days and weeks, pushing year after year.”

Cher knows just what it takes to reach that milestone, as her public relations firm is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. While she knew public relations like the back of her hand when she opened her business, there are some lessons she knows have helped guide her toward long-term success. Here are those top 7 lessons that will help every small business reach milestones:

  1. Support one another. Especially for women-owned businesses, it’s a good idea to support one another. Seek out other small businesses that are owned by females and collaborate in order to help both companies thrive.
  2. Find people you can work well with. Small business owners will usually need others they can work with, even if it’s on a freelance basis. Find those people who you can trust and work well with, so you can rely on them when in need.
  3. Know when to compromise. Many people have to make compromises in businesses, but they should never be made when it comes to your core values. Never sacrifice honesty or integrity. Being honest and treating people well will strengthen your business.
  4. Be disciplined. When you are your own boss you don’t have someone reminding you of deadlines. There are many distractions in today’s world. Entrepreneurs have to be disciplined so that they meet the needs of their clients and help to grow their business.
  5. Build relationships. Referrals are usually made as a result of the relationships that people build. Take the time to build good relationships with people in a variety of sectors and it will come back in the form of referrals.
  6. Keep a good attitude. Having an attitude of gratitude is ideal. Leave the bad days behind, don’t let the challenges bring you down, and just keep being positive.
  7. Be patient. Everyone wants success overnight, but as the saying goes, the journey of a 1,000 miles starts with a single step. It takes time, but when you plug away at it consistently and keep heading in the right direction it will happen.

“I’m proud to be celebrating 10 years and look forward to many more,” adds Murphy. “Along with being committed to helping my clients meet their needs, I also try to give back to others, even if it’s by offering advice. When you place a high priority on hard work you are bound to see good results.”

Cher Murphy PR has helped many clients over the last decade to garner media attention on national and local television, print publications, and online. They have represented such companies and organizations as Guardians of Rescue, Hound & Gatos Pet Food Corporation, The Doctor Yum Project, Alcatraz East Crime Museum, EOD Warrior Foundation, Paws of War and many more. For more information, visit the site at:

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