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Exciting Interview with Bradon Young of YouBackpacking


Exciting Interview with Bradon Young of YouBackpacking


In a world that has become digitized, accessible, and explorable as long as you have a computer or a smartphone, there are times when even the most fainthearted of travelers have felt themselves overcome with wanderlust. Our daily lives are littered with pictures on social media of our friends traveling. Movies depict actors in exotic locations and transportation has become so easy it seems silly to stay in one place your whole life. How do you resist the temptation of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro when your friends instagram is flooded with pictures of her frolicking on the beach? How do you restrain the desire to explore Europe when social media is littered with people exploring instead of sitting at a desk all day? Too few people realize how easy it is to travel the world, or if they do, they let fears regarding money, career, and safety inhibit their desire to travel.

Traveling does not require unlimited funds, all you need is the guts to get started and a backpack.

Here at SocialTechPop we love to hear about entrepreneurs who have identified a need, created a solution, and implemented it through an amazing new start-up. Bradon Young is one of those people. Young is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of YouBackpacking. YouBackpacking is an online travel resource that makes it easy and inspiring to plan a backpacking trip. Their mission is to empower people to experience the world through backpacking. I had the opportunity to talk to Young about his company but most importantly I had the opportunity to talk to him about the motivation behind starting this company. Young informed me that the world of travel is changing and youth travel is the most dynamic sector.

Maya Beach in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Until now there has not been an online resource that is exclusively targeted to this growing market of travelers. In the Global Report on The Power of Youth Travel, the total value of the international youth travel market was almost USD 190 billion in 2009. By 2014 this figure had risen to USD 286 billion. Based on UNWTO forecasts for global tourism growth, we can estimate that by 2020 almost 370 million youth travelers will account for a total spending of over USD 400 billion. There is no doubt that the youth traveler market is a profitable one, but these travelers have not yet had an online resource that caters to their extensive needs. YouBackpacking is here to fill that niche and hopefully inspire people to pack up a backpack and travel the world.

Young started off in the same position that many college kids are in today; curious about the world, itching to explore it, and clueless on how to begin the journey. Young thought that travel came down to money, everyone thinks travel is so expensive growing up or that you have to be retired and somewhat wealthy. However, Young looked at the people around him and realized that a lot of students, just like him, were traveling the world. Being the adventurous person he is, Young booked an around the world ticket and set off to explore with his best friend, Garrett Mincks, and current business partner.

After spending more than a year abroad, Young and Mincks came home and were continuously mobbed with questions on how to backpack such as they had done. Young described it as one of those things he saw and couldn’t ignore. Young and Mincks saw people who wanted to do this and couldn’t ignore that they had the capability to teach them. This was the beginnings of YouBackpacking and the two friends from San Diego have been tirelessly working on their project since then.On the Meekong Delta in Vietnam

YouBackpacking is described as a resource dedicated to the travel style they fell in love with—backpacking. A comprehensive resource that educates the curious, provides straight-forward destination information, and inspires people to get out there and explore.

By talking with Bradon I gained an understanding of how passionate he is about traveling the world and helping people with the same traveling aspirations reach their goal. There is no doubt that packing up and leaving the country was hard. Young worked four jobs for a year before he had enough funds to leave. Despite building up for this trip for a year Young described having a moment of panic right before he left because he realized he was leaving everything behind. However, if people never did things that scared them they would never grow and that’s what this experience was and could be for anyone who decides to try it; an opportunity to grow.My business partner (Garrett) and I at Maya Beach in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

There are so many misconceptions about travel. People assume it’s far more dangerous than it actually is. They avoid travel because they think they cannot afford it. They can’t find anyone to go with them and are too scared to make a trip on their own. The list goes on and on. YouBackpacking seeks to break down those misconceptions and inspire people to backpack the world. Take a look for yourself and start planning the trip you always wanted to take but never knew how.

 Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

My business partner and I riding camels at the pyramids in Giza, Egypt

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