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Like Words With Friends? Then You’ll Love “Hanging With Friends”


Like Words With Friends? Then You’ll Love “Hanging With Friends”

If you have a smart phone (and some friends) then most likely your addicted to the simple, yet fun game of Words With Friends. Its easy concept mixed in with the the competitiveness of playing with your friends gives it the perfect combination for an addicting game.

Zynga, the company that created this game, has a knack for creating fun games that link into your social media accounts. As some may know, Zynga is also responsible for the whole Farmville craze that overtook Facebook. And now, Zynga has a new addition to this addicting game cycle called Hanging With Friends.

Hanging With Friends is a new spin on the old classic game of Hangman. Users are given 12 random letter squares in order to make up a word that is up to 8 letter tiles long. Once you have made up a valid word, you opponent (or friend) has to figure out what the word is by guessing letters in the alphabet within an 8 strike limit.

Hanging With Friends is very similar to Words With Friends in the way it functions and is designed. You can easily set up games with any of your Facebook or Twitter friends, all letter tiles look the same and even the bonus tiles represent the same meanings. Only difference is the actual gameplay and the fun animations and sounds.The game has been out for a few weeks now and already has as much buzz surrounding it as Words With Friends.

The regular version of Hanging with Friends is available here for $1.99. Or you can download the free version here.

Warning, if you are addicted to Words With Friends, you will also become addicted to Hanging With Friends. So free up some time, charge your smart phone, and tell your friends.

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