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LimeLens Review


LimeLens Review

Social media has taken over the world. Not that I’m complaining, life with social media has become more vibrant, engaging, and interactive. I would never take pictures the way I do without the lure of social media to draw me in. Lucky for me, the world has accepted social media into their daily lives and I don’t see Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram going anywhere for quite some time.

My friends and I using the fisheye on the lake

My friends and I using the fisheye on the lake

With the invention of this beautiful thing we call social media came the concept of likes, retweets, pokes, and comments. Every photo you post can become a conversation on the internet and every button you press becomes a way to involve yourself in the conversation. Now more than ever, we need to make sure the pictures we share are not only appropriate, but express the amount of fun we are having with life and look as cool as we feel. Gone are the days of waiting to get your photos printed at the store and glaring at anyone who smudges the precious picture. Photos are now uploaded in real time as they happen. Untrained people with an Iphone, Android, or smartphone can take exciting pictures with the technology they hold in their fingertips.

Although we love the possibilities this technology has presented us with, the pressure has never been greater to have amazing pictures on your social media.


The fishlens captured this awesome image

This is why I was thrilled with the opportunity to review the brand new LimeLens kit. The set includes both the thinker, a dual macro / wide lens, and the captain, a supreme fisheye lens. I have no background in photography and am always desperately trying to up my social media game by taking “artsy photos” and wowing my followers with photos I like to think are cool. With the LimeLens set I had the power to transform my basic photos into a thrilling 190 degree view of the moment I’m so excited to capture or a 10x macro perspective on the beauty of a world I’m dying to share with my friends on the internet. Armed with my brand new set I went up to my lake house for the weekend to take pictures and then explored the city of Chicago desperate to capture cool pictures with my exciting new LimeLens set. Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with the result.

Read the list below for my opinion on pros and cons of these lens. Keep in mind I have no professional knowledge of photography and only know what I thought, not the professional opinion. I think you’ll enjoy SocialTechPop’s inside look at this awesome new product.


  1. AMAZING Photos
  2. The Fisheye is perfect for capturing larger images
  3. Convenient carrying case
  4. Affordable price
  5. Helps you create exciting content to share on your social media


  1. You have to attach a clip to the back of your phone that makes it difficult to fit a phone case
  2. You need to be careful with your phone so that the lens doesn’t fly out of the clip

and those are the only cons of the product that I can think of…

Overall, I highly recommend this product. I have never been so excited to roam the city before and this was all because I had a LimeLens attached to my phone. Everyone up at the lake with me was so excited to use the lens for themselves and I will always have great memories to look back at thanks to this lens. Take a look at some of the pictures I took and the click below to order your new LimeLens.


IMG_5252 IMG_5255 IMG_5253 IMG_5251 IMG_5250 IMG_5249 IMG_5248 IMG_5245 IMG_5244 IMG_5241 IMG_5240 IMG_5239 IMG_5237 IMG_5233 IMG_5231

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