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Magic is happening for FB-Watch’s Newest Hit


Magic is happening for FB-Watch’s Newest Hit

‘Making Magic’ is FB-Watch’s newest hit, garnering 2.6M+ views in just over 2 weeks, and featuring the world’s most-viewed (5 Billion times) magician in history, Rick Lax, pulling back the curtain on the craft with some of the world’s top magicians. 

A peek into how these magicians develop their tricks, the personal struggles (i.e. poverty, childhood sickness, etc) that became their motivators + inspirations, and the science behind it all, it’s akin to a magic “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Watch the new episode, viewed 1.2M times in less than three days HERE to see hip-hop illusionist Jibrizy take on the issue of under-representation of black talent in magic.

Before he was the top-viewed magician of all time, Rick Lax was a MENSA member, lawyer, and author in Michigan with a deep love for the craft, and now, he has over 35M+ followers across his socials. For ‘Making Magic,’ he turned to “edutainment” duo Atomic Entertainment (Netflix’s Pharrell co-created ‘Brainchild’NatGeo’s Emmy-nom’ed ‘BrainGames’) to make a narrative-based magic show into an unlikely hit. 
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