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NPR News Interviews Sheryl Sandberg Of Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg Facebook

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NPR News Interviews Sheryl Sandberg Of Facebook

In an interview airing on tomorrow’s Morning Edition, NPR’s Steve Inskeep spoke with Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook headquarters.

Sandberg says the company is sorry for the mistakes it has made in protecting user data and privacy. “We were way too idealistic,” she told Inskeep. “We did not think enough about the abuse cases,’’ Sandberg outlined some of the steps the company is now taking to repair the damage. On Monday Facebook will begin notifying the 87 million users whose information may have been compromised and given to Cambridge Analytica.

When Inskeep asked if other political firms used user data in the same way as Cambridge Analytica, she said, “We don’t know.”

Sandberg said the company is not making the same kind of individual outreach to some 126 million Facebook users who were exposed to Russian disinformation.

On Facebook’s role in the upcoming midterms and the 2020 presidential election, Sandberg said:

“Well we certainly know people want accurate information not false news on Facebook and we take that really seriously…We also want to make sure that there’s no foreign interference. We’re also taking really aggressive steps on ads transparency.

 On Facebook’s role in the US democracy, Sandberg said:

“We have an important responsibility. And we have a big role because people use Facebook. And I think what really matters is that we learn from what’s happened. Security is an ongoing game. You build something someone’s going to try to get around it. This is going to keep happening.”

When asked what scares her, Sandberg said:

“We have a big responsibility. We have to get it right…In 2016, when you thought about security for elections, what you thought about was hacking, people stealing your emails and publishing them.  This was a new form.”

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