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Passion and Curiosity : Top Two Traits of Female Innovators

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Passion and Curiosity : Top Two Traits of Female Innovators

What are the top traits of female innovators today?

Passion and Curiosity, both of which lead to success and often result in becoming accidental entrepreneurs!  But what is holding some of us back?

No one should feel excluded from the world of tech-based startups because they lack a STEM background or education. Many of the thirteen women featured in the inspiring new book, WTF Is Happening: Women Tech Founders on the Rise by NYC-based Nisa Amoils, ​did not have a STEM education. The book provides a new appreciation of the extraordinary strides being made in disruptive technology by female entrepreneurs who are building a new world. However, a second problem female entrepreneurs is the systemic problem in finance and getting funding. 

Named one of Business Insider’s 30 Women in Venture Capital to Watch in 2018 and Top 100 women in Fintech in 2019 by LATTICE80, Nisa Amoils, Esq, a tech investor, venture capitalist, active Board Member and former entrepreneur, is passionate about advancing women in STEM and helping them find the funding they deserve. She can also discuss:

  • The top VC “Women to Watch”
  • 5 signs women are conquering the future of tech 
  • The macro reallocation of capital, investing in women
  • This is about alpha generating financial returns, not only because it is a moral imperative
  • Gender imbalance – women must participate in wealth creation
  • Women must see it to be it – highlight women to benefit more women/girls
  • Like politics and philanthropy, how women must invest to tip the numbers
  • How millennials are driving the digitization of finance
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