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Pinngle Messenger, to Make Secure Messaging Available Worldwide

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Pinngle Messenger, to Make Secure Messaging Available Worldwide

A new messaging app called Pinngle Messenger has launched internationally with a mission to change the way people connect. Initially founded in 2016, Pinngle has over three million users. The app has a strong user base in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and is growing in popularity in the US, Canada, and Italy.

With offices in different countries, Pinngle has a multinational team which they claim enables them to collaborate to find creative solutions for challenges in the telecommunications sector.

The messaging app’s main aim is to “build a better connected world” by offering high quality voice and video calls, global accessibility, and security.

“No matter who we are or where we live, communication should be free and accessible to everyone. That principle is at the core of our company’s beliefs, which is why we are working to offer accessibility for as many places and mobile devices as possible,” says Ara Ohanian, the CMO of Pinngle.

The company’s culture and vision is built on five values: 1.) People come first, 2.) A borderless world is a better world, 3.) Communication is essential, 4.) Be fearless and authentic, and 5.) Do more with less.

Pinngle Messenger is one of the few apps that is accessible in countries with heavy internet censorship. The app claims to have an anti-blocking technology with which it can easily overcome call blocking in countries where online calling is restricted.

Pinngle Messenger strongly believes in protecting their users’ right to privacy. With its end-to-end data encryption and a serverless architecture, the messenger can never store or sell user data to state agencies or other third parties.

Pinngle offers Public Channels through which users can discover content shared by influencers, celebrities, and their peers. Channel owners can also choose to allow their followers to contact them directly through private message or voice call. Apart from channels, Pinngle offers other practical features such as virtual numbers, Pinngle-out calls, and offline calling.

Pinngle Messenger is available for download on the App Store and Google Play, with desktop versions available on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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