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#PowerShift, New Show Coming Soon


#PowerShift, New Show Coming Soon

Today, The Huffington Post UK announces that its upcoming original digital video series, ‘#PowerShift’, hosted by Game Of Thrones and X-Men star, Sophie Turner, will premiere on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016.

#PowerShift examines the power of social media and the revolutionary ways in which today’s youth are embracing it to create positive change.

During the ten-part series, Sophie Turner explores how social media is more than a platform for the self-obsessed, uncovering the ways that social media has changed the way we view both our bodies and the world we live in.

Social Media

Through a series of interviews, Sophie delves into a variety of political cultural and social movements propelled into the limelight through social media. From the #BlackLivesMatter campaign and #ZeroWaste movement, to The Arab Spring revolution, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and even Ronda Rousey’s #DoNothingBitch campaign, social media has enabled these movements to take the world by storm.

The series also covers:

The Global Refugee Crisis – A first person account of a Syrian refugee who fled his country after 50% of his town were murdered. Sophie Turner uncovers how people are uniting around the world through social media to offer their support.

Censorship – Exploring the impact of banned social media on society and how millennials in China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Turkey and Iran are taking huge risks as they challenge the law.

Gender Neutral Identities – How social media is empowering people to challenge the stigma and taboos that surround gender identity and redefine how people identify themselves.

Social Media Superstars – How and why regular people soar to social media fame from their bedrooms through the power of social media.

Sophie Turner says:

“Social media has become so much more than just a platform for self promotion. It has become a tool for change, empowering millennials across the globe to engage their communities and make an impact, which is why I’m thrilled to host HuffPost UK’s brand new Original series, #PowerShift, delving into the many ways in which social media has made a difference.”

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