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Renting to Rent

renting to rent


Renting to Rent

The “gig” economy has whet America’s appetite for business as platforms like Airbnb, Uber, and Etsy make it easy for users to experiment with low-risk entrepreneurial endeavors. But CEO Marcos Jacober took this trend to the next level with a unique and creative business model that lowers the user’s financial risk even further!

Jacober created a business formula that involves renting apartments and then re-renting them on the Airbnb platform. This allows young entrepreneurs to jump into the world of real estate without the burden of owning or purchasing a property.

“Many people don’t realize you can generate rental income without being a property owner. It is almost impossible to break into real estate without connections or capital but ‘renting to rent’ removes this financial hurdle…”

…says Jacober who’s helped thousands of  young or disadvantaged entrepreneurs create profitable real estate businesses through the method of renting to rent. Like all businesses, responsibility and dedication are crucial to success and there are of course rules and regulations to follow. But when this formula is used in combination with gig platforms like Airbnb, it provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Jacober’s passion for helping the disadvantaged stems from his experience as an underprivileged immigrant. Jacober came to the US with only a dream and $100 in his pocket. After working a number of blue collar jobs, he finally saved enough to invest in real estate…but he lost everything in the crash of 2008. Jacober began generating income on Airbnb by renting and re-renting apartments. His method proved to be extremely successful and it allowed him to generate capital that otherwise would not be possible. He is now an authority in the real estate business, with more than 500 transactions in his portfolio.

Jacober is on a mission to help people achieve success and happiness through real estate endeavors. Through his program, Airbtheboss, he has helped thousands of individuals from different countries use the gig economy to fuel their investment career here in the US.

“This is only the beginning of what is possible. In the coming years we will begin to see other gig platforms combined with business strategies in creative ways that will totally disrupt the industry by creating something new,” says Jacober.

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