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Top 10 Johnny Carson Moments


Top 10 Johnny Carson Moments

Before John Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, and even David Letterman, there was a man named Johnny Carson. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson is definitely not a show many age groups now would know or remember, but it is one that everyone has at least heard of, so much so that fans took to Facebook, YouTube, and e-mail to vote on their top 10 Carson moments. Such moments include an older lady showing off her prized potato chips, Andy Kaufman impersonating Elvis the only way that would make the top 10 list—as Andy Kaufman—in his first Carson appearance, and Betty White appearing in nothing but some leaves in a parody of Adam and Eve, in which she and Carson play the two people who now want a divorce. Why are these best moments? Because of Carson’s reactions and quick wit. Check them out and see what your parents and grandparents spent their nights watching: The Top 10 Carson Moments are (in no particular order):

  1. Best Sketch: “Betty White and Johnny Carson as Adam and Eve”
  2. Best Civilian Moment: “Johnny Eats a Prized Potato Chip”
  3. Best Movie Star Moment: “Jimmy Stewart Reads a Poem about His Dog Beau”
  4. Best Stand-Up Comedy Moment: “Andy Kaufman Does His Elvis Impression”
  5. Best TV Star Moment: “Michael Landon Pranks Johnny Carson”
  6. Best Music Moment: “Johnny Does a Duet with Julio Iglesias”
  7. Best Carnac Moment: “Sis Boom Bah”
  8. Best Classic Carson Moment: “Ed Ames Teaches Johnny Carson to Throw a Tomahawk”
  9. Best Animal Act: “Johnny Jumps into Ed’s Arms”
  10. Best Sports Moment: “Johnny Carson Dons a Don King Wig”

Today, everyone can relive the many classic bits from Carson with the “Here’s Johnny TV Trivia game” on Facebook and “Carnac the Magnificent” app for mobile devices, both devised by MediaMine. The Here’s Johnny Facebook game includes over 1,000 questions, 400-plus memorable clips, and 1,500 images from the late night show. The Carnac app features over 50 timeless Carnac predictions.  

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