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Is Uber Experiencing a “Holy Shift” ?



Is Uber Experiencing a “Holy Shift” ?

Is Uber Experiencing a “Holy Shift” ?

In recent weeks there has been an exodus of personnel from ride-sharing company Uber, is this the start of its decline — or what it needs to get back in the fast lane?

According to Bill Treasurer, business trainer, speaker, and author of newly released A Leadership Kick in the Ass, the departures of upper management and a sexual harassment scandal could be just the “holy shift” it needs.

“If Uber is to remain true to its purpose – safer streets, reliable transportation, strengthening local economies – co-founder Travis Kalanick and his team must turn its leadership culture around to one of humility and respect,” said Treasurer.

Treasurer calls this transformation a “holy shift”—when a CEO realizes a personal change from selfishness to selflessness. Companies flourish when their CEOs treat themselves and others really well, leading with character, decency, and fairness, he said.

“Every company and leader successful in the long term will experience a butt-kick early on. How that organization or person responds – with either humility or ego – often determines its fate,” he explained. “When you treat the people you’re leading with respect, they’ll be more committed to you and the work that they’re tasked with doing.”

After coaching corporate leaders throughout the U.S. and around the globe for more than 20 years, Treasurer knows a thing or two about leaders who have fallen from grace – and recovered to be great leaders. His latest book, A Leadership Kick in the Ass, is full of lessons and real-life stories about how vital humility and good character are to successful CEOs.

Treasurer added, “There are two kinds of leaders; those who have been humbled, and those who are about to be. Properly navigated, this humiliating experience could be the best thing to happen to Uber to create a sustainable future.”

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