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“Wealth Hacks” From Billionaires Around the World

Wealth Hacks


“Wealth Hacks” From Billionaires Around the World


Why are you a billionaire and I’m not?”

Bestselling author, Dr. Greg Reid asked just that, as he traveled the globe and met with the world’s most elusive, under-the-radar billionaires. Reid was on a mission to crack the code of prosperity, finding wealth hacks – a quest which took three years, four camera crews, and over 100 interviews with the world’s wealthiest people -from entertainment pioneers to real estate tycoons. His new book, Wealth Made Easy reveals insight and actionable tips on how they built their wealth, held onto it, and continue to thrive in an ever-changing economy.

Their answers were surprising…

Reid, known in the media for his uplifting messages on success, wealth, and entrepreneurship, was shocked to learn that many of these billionaires’ wealth hacks go against all his usual paradigms of success.  

At some point in your life, you were probably told to follow your dreams and things would fall into place, correct? According to the billionaires that Reid interviewed, the timeless adage, ‘Follow your passion and the money will follow’ is the worst advice to give an entrepreneur. 

“If you follow your passion (instead of your paycheck) you will never reach massive wealth. This advice contradicts everything I was taught…” 

…says Reid, whose career was built on the idea of passion. Yet passion will only get you so far if you strive to be in the ranks of people with astronomical net worth. Passion is emotional and irrational; successful businesses are run on logic and reason. If you treat your business like a passion, it becomes your baby. You will make decisions based on feelings rather than good business practice. When there is a setback, you pull your heart down with your families and sink along with everything on the ship. This is why around 85% of businesses fail each year. You don’t have to love what you do. After all, do you think the Gettys woke up excited about crude oil? Or people who made fortunes in waste management were following their hearts towards garbage? 

Other billionaire wealth hacks are surprising and have found their way to the national spotlight because they go against Reid and the entrepreneurial self-help industry entirely. The world’s wealthiest individuals seem to agree that reading books and buying motivational programs are not the ticket to true success.  

“I asked one billionaire why he was so successful when so many others are not. He responded, *It’s because people believe the bullshit lies that you (Greg) spread to the world.*” says Reid. 

While these revelations may hurt the very industry Reid is in, these truths are so candid, it has generated a great deal of interest from the public and made national headlines. 

Reid is on a mission to demystify the world of the wealthy by sharing golden nuggets of advice from the 1%. 

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